World Port Seafood is an Omaha Steaks company. We’re much more than just beef… so much more, in fact, that we’ve launched World Port Seafood to use our expertise and unique market position to deliver more culinary experiences that are guaranteed better than anywhere else. Here’s the World Port Seafood story and why you should buy frozen seafood from us.

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The Best Seafood Sources

The waters of the world are rich with incredible fish and shellfish, flavors to discover and catches to prize. But they’re all really far apart. You go to one country or coast, and the lobster are spectacular. You travel somewhere else entirely to find the best salmon. And that leaves all discerning seafood eaters with a problem – if I can’t go to them, how do they come to me? The World Port Seafood method is to get every fish, every flavor, every idea from a different corner of the world’s vast oceans and deliver them ALL. We use the power of the freezer  and the unique deep-freeze delivery pioneered by Omaha Steaks to bring the World Port Seafood vision to life.

Market Seafood… And a Little Help

There are two primary categories of premium choices here at World Port Seafood, and we’re equally proud of them both.

Market Seafood: When we discover a fishery where they’re catching something truly special, we’ll deliver it in its purest form. These fish fillets and shellfish are caught or farmed by the experts, prepared moments after catch, and quickly frozen either on the boat or just after mooring. The result is ocean-fresh flavor like no other, and a number of exclusive seafood experiences that you’d never get shopping at your local market, no matter where you live. Check out Faroe Islands Salmon Fillets or Wild Red Argentinian Shrimp for a tasty example.

Ready-to-Cook Seafood: We also have a team of expert chefs who love seafood, and their job is to make putting dinner on the table easier for you. Chef-prepared choices at World Port Seafood mean huge flavor and unique recipes that you can take out of the freezer and make simply in the oven or on the stovetop. We’ll do all the recipe work for you! We’re very proud of the experience that we deliver, from perfectly crispy and juicy battered Redhook® Amber Beer-Battered Shrimp to Harissa-Encrusted Rainbow Trout Fillets to the incredible Shrimp Scampi Skillet Meal.

Delivered by the Best

World Port Seafood uses the same delivery method as Omaha Steaks – gourmet food that’s never, ever thawed, and delivered with plenty of dry ice in a heavy-duty styrofoam cooler. We don’t use middlemen, and we don’t trust anyone else to do the packing for us. Every order is calculated according to contents, distance, time, and weather so that it arrives in perfect condition. PLUS… every order from World Port Seafood over $49 always ships FREE.

Frozen Seafood is Fresher

You read that right. Have you ever really thought about how the “fresh” seafood at your grocery store is so “fresh?” Don’t you have questions? So did we. It turns out, there’s really only one way to guarantee safe, high-quality seafood, that’s by using the freezer. Instead of pretending that we don’t, World Port Seafood proudly freezes and challenges anyone to doubt us. Learn more about frozen seafood here.

  • Environmentally Sound – Frozen seafood can be transported by boat opposed to plane which is better for the planet due to its lower carbon footprint.
  • Better Quality Meat – Flash-freezing fish creates smaller ice crystals in an around the meat than, say, freezing in your home freezer, which allows for the natural structure of the meat to stay better intact.
  • More Nutritious – Seafood quickly and deeply frozen like ours helps preserve the inherent nutrients longer.
  • No Seasonality – Like produce, fishing is traditionally limited to seasons. World Port Seafood’s frozen fish eliminates that seasonality affording you the chance to eat what you want, when you want.
  • Less Waste – Since World Port Seafood is frozen and individually vacuum-sealed, you select only the amount of fish you want to thaw, leaving the rest frozen for another day.
  • Safer for Fishermen – Since they can freeze the fish on their boats, fishermen can afford to wait for optimal conditions to bring their catch inland for processing.

Every Order Guaranteed

Every single order from World Port Seafood comes with our 100% Guarantee. If you don’t like it or are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we’ll replace it or refund your money. It’s that simple.

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