Cod Recipes

Icelandic Cod Fish Tacos

A great fish taco starts with flavorful, juicy, flaky fish. World Port Seafood Icelandic Cod is just that! This easy fish taco recipe teaches you how to prepare the fish and toppings and how to whip up a quick and tasty pico de gallo. Icelandic Cod Fish Tacos 4 World...

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Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc Seafood Sauce

Beurre blanc is a traditional and popular seafood sauce, one that you'll find in the arsenal of competent trained chefs around the world, but it's not difficult to make at home. Consider this a way to elevate nearly any fish fillet! A beurre blanc is hot emulsified...

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Brown Sugar Balsamic Icelandic Cod with Farro

I'm not usually a fish person, but let me tell you – this recipe was good. The whole idea of a thick caramelized coating of brown sugar and balsamic glaze sounded divine on anything, especially Icelandic Cod fillets from World Port Seafood. The process for these...

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Lemon Panko Crusted Fish

Panko breadcrumbs - Japanese-style breadcrumbs - are a great way to mimic the crunch and flavor of fried fish but in a much lighter way. This recipe teaches a trick that's great with nearly any fish, but especially World Port Seafood favorites mahi mahi, Icelandic...

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Pub Style Cod Sliders with Red Slaw

Looking for a quick and easy Friday night fish dish? This is it. Humble, fast, and perfect for when you are looking for something that will please everyone. Plus, it can be on the table in 20 minutes using World Port Seafood Pub-Style Cod. That’s right, Friday night...

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PubStyle Cod Fish Tacos with Fresh Pico De Gallo

Make fish tacos easier than ever by using World Port Seafood Pub-Style Cod , a handy prepped seafood entree that gives you crispy breading without ever using any oil or making any mess. We'll also teach you how to make a quick and tasty pico de gallo to top!  ...

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