Firm, meaty, and as effortless to cook as it is remarkably delicious, it’s no wonder how mahi mahi became one of the seafood world’s most coveted fish. With an appeal for both chefs and eaters, its undeniably juicy with large, succulent flakes and a mildly sweet flavor that plays well with your favorite seasoning, served simply, or marinated. It’s remarkably lean, too, making it a smart entrée for those watching what they eat.

World Port Seafood is proud to deliver only the best mahi mahi steaks directly to your door. Our mahi mahi have been responsibly wild-caught, frozen, then prepared by experts – while still frozen to preserve the utmost freshness – for a boneless, skinless meal that takes the fuss out of your kitchen prep work. Each is flash frozen to preserve the flavor and juiciness that ocean-fresh mahi mahi naturally possesses, and individually vacuum-sealed to remain ready to cook in your freezer.


How to Bake Mahi Mahi

When you want to build your confidence in cooking fish, baking is the best way to begin. Baking is an effortless way to ensure your mahi mahi is cooked throughout, and requires no flipping or turning. With a preheated oven and 15 minutes, you’ll dine on fish perfection time after time.

How to Grill Mahi Mahi

Have a craving to grill something new and different? Mahi mahi – or “Strong Strong” in Polynesian – definitely lives up to its name thanks to a firm, dense texture that keeps it from flaking apart through the grates. Make sure to oil your grates, though, as you don’t want to damage the meat when flipping this skinless entrée.


How to Pan Saute Mahi Mahi

Whether you crave that mouthwatering sizzle or if you only need to cook one or two mahi mahi, this is the method you want. With a trusty pan and a splash of oil to keep your fish from sticking, you’ll be enjoying the sweet taste of mahi mahi before you know it.


Mahi Mahi Cooking Temperature

For complete guides on how to cook mahi mahi and every other fish, check out World Port Seafood Fish Cooking Charts.

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