How to Cook Seafood

Seafood is notorious for being scary to cook. Don’t believe the hype. It’s a myth; a red herring. In truth, cooking seafood is just like cooking any other meat. Start with what you know to be excellent quality — like the expertly curated, ocean-fresh variety from World Port Seafood — and cook your selections at the appropriate temperature. Seafood has the distinction of being exceptionally versatile, too — grill, broil, boil, pan fry, or even poach — choose your favorite way to cook and have at it. Just follow the chart below and you’ll be on your way to enjoying perfect seafood every time.


How to Thaw Frozen Seafood

When thawing seafood, always remember the more gradually you allow it to thaw, the better the results. That’s why, for the best results, we recommend allowing fish fillets, shellfish, and any other frozen seafood to thaw in your refrigerator overnight. If you forgot to plan ahead, you might be tempted to run the item under warm or hot water to thaw it out in minutes. Don’t.

Hot water will thaw the edges of your meal well before the center, creating an unbalanced (and ultimately unpleasant) taste and texture when cooked. If you do need to cook that night, submerge your (still sealed) food in cold water instead. Every 30 minutes, check the water temperature to make sure it’s still cold, and check your food by pressing your finger into it. If it’s still frozen in the center, continue to wait another 30 minutes.


World Port Seafood Cooking Chart

Below you’ll find our chef-recommended seafood cooking chart for many of popular fish and shellfish, including some World Port Seafood customer favorites. From fresh shrimp and fish steaks to already prepared, freezer-to-oven entrees, this convenient chart has all you need to cook and serve an impressive meal any night of the week, no matter how you want to cook. The cooking times shown are subsequent to preheating your oven or pan to the appropriate temperature. Download a printable version here.

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