How to Cook Salmon

How to Pan Sear Salmon

You don’t have to be a culinary wiz enjoy the pride that comes with casually explaining to your co-workers how easy it is to perfectly pan-sear a salmon fillet. Sure, it may sound fancy and far too advanced for the lay chef, but really, achieving the perfect pan-sear...

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How to Grill Salmon

With its firm texture and fatty flesh, salmon is the perfect grilling fish. It is delicious simply grilled over charcoal or on a gas grill; it just depends how smoky you like it (grilling over charcoal will yield a smokier end product.) World Port Seafood experts are...

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How to Bake Salmon Right Every Time

Salmon lovers, rejoice! You can have an easy and delicious baked salmon dinner on the table in a flash using these foolproof tips. The secret to how to bake salmon is really just this: make sure that the salmon retains its moisture during the cooking process, so tuck...

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