How to Cook Shrimp

How to Steam Shrimp

For some, steamed shrimp brings back fond memories of family beach vacations and holiday traditions, but if you’re not one of those folks, maybe it’s time you start making your own steamed shrimp memories. Not only is this one of the healthiest ways to prepare shrimp,...

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How to Saute Shrimp

If you’ve never sauteed shrimp, pull out that skillet and consider it, especially if you’re looking for quick and convenient meal options. Shrimp shines whether you use it as a hearty protein in your stir-fry and pasta dish, or a as a topper for salads and grits. The...

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How to Deep Fry Shrimp

Versatile, poppable, packed with protein, and above all, simple to prepare - shrimp is a seafood favorite for so many more reasons than its buttery-sweet, mild flavor. Fold it into your favorite salad recipe. Create a range of small-scale culinary masterpieces with a...

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How to Grill Shrimp

Many of us have experienced challenges grilling shrimp in the past – shrimp falling through the grill cracks or overcooking on the grill. So the World Port Seafood experts put together this easy guide on how to grill shrimp! These tried-and-true techniques will have...

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