Lobster Recipes

Lobster Mac & Cheese

With a recipe like this, you don't even have to give detail. Just the name... Lobster. Mac. and Cheese. But, if you do go into it, you'll discover a super-rich cheese sauce made with parmesan and gruyere cheeses with plenty of butter and cream. You'll find it...

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Lobster Tails with Risotto for Two

I love ordering lobster out at restaurants. But, when I think about cooking it for myself at home, I am full of doubt. Will I be able to do justice to such a beautiful piece of meat? How long do I cook it? What if I overcook it? Surely, it’s too hard to make lobster...

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Lobster Benedict

Lobster Benedict? That's something you have to order at an impossible-to-get-a-reservation brunch spot in the city, right? That's not something you can make at home. Or... Combine this simple advice on hollandaise sauce with lobster tail halves like the ones from...

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