Citrus Crab Rangoon

Crab rangoon hits that hard-to-find sweet spot between comfort food and easy food... it's not hard to make, but it's sooooooo satisfying. This favorite crab rangoon recipe of ours offers an upgrade - real World Port Seafood King Crab Legs instead of that cheap-tasting...

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Shrimp with Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce

The chefs at World Port Seafood don't make regular cocktail sauce... they just don't. Guests at our headquarters and parties get this - a jazzed-up cocktail sauce with the classic flavors of everybody's favorite spicy brunch cocktail. It pairs beautifully with big,...

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Lemon Pepper Salmon Cakes with Capers

Always wondered how to make salmon cakes? It's easy! This classic salmon cakes recipe makes the perfect dinner party appetizer – or serve with a green salad for a light lunch. This recipe uses World Port Seafood Wild Salmon Fillets and bright Omaha Steaks Lemon Pepper...

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Mini Crab Cakes with Jack Daniels Cocktail Sauce

Serving memorable and great-tasting party snacks doesn't have to be difficult! Use World Port Seafood Mini Crab Cakes - recently remastered recipe with more crab than ever - to make it easy on yourself and delicious for your guests. This saucy recipe uses bourbon...

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Swordfish Ceviche

World Port Seafood Swordfish Steaks are soaked in fresh lime juice and covered in fresh veggies in this recipe for the classic South American dish Swordfish Ceviche. With plenty of peppers, corn, tomatoes, and a piquant chile sauce to compliment the fish, this...

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Cream Cheese Crab Bruschetta

Crab and cream cheese are a match made in heaven... and this party-ready recipe will have all your guests agreeing with that statement. World Port Seafood King Crab Legs come pre-cooked and pre-split, so there's no intimidating cracking or cooking that you need to do....

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