Tilapia Recipes

Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc Seafood Sauce

Beurre blanc is a traditional and popular seafood sauce, one that you'll find in the arsenal of competent trained chefs around the world, but it's not difficult to make at home. Consider this a way to elevate nearly any fish fillet! A beurre blanc is hot emulsified...

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Southwest Tilapia Bowls

For a meal that’s easy and satisfying - especially after a long day - consider Chipotle-inspired burrito bowls. Though the exact spices and protein in the bowls may vary from recipe to recipe, the base always begins with a fast and flavorful skillet of beans and rice....

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Lemon Panko Crusted Fish

Panko breadcrumbs - Japanese-style breadcrumbs - are a great way to mimic the crunch and flavor of fried fish but in a much lighter way. This recipe teaches a trick that's great with nearly any fish, but especially World Port Seafood favorites mahi mahi, Icelandic...

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