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Alder Grilling Planks

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Alder Grilling Planks



Alder grilling planks naturally add delicate, earthy smoke wood flavor and a hint of sweetness to your seafood. These high-quality food-safe alder wood planks are perfect for World Port Seafood white fish, vegetables, and more.
  • Food-safe alder wood for cooking fish
  • Naturally add smoky, earthy, sweet flavor to food
  • Use on the grill or in the oven
  • Two 5- x 11-inch planks included


Add smoky, earthy flavor to your seafood on the grill or in the oven naturally by cooking on alder planks! The wood plank smolders as your food cooks, naturally infusing the meat with savory flavor. These food-safe alder slices are ready to soak and experiment with while making your new favorite seafood recipes. Alder is recommended for white fish, vegetables, and more.

Soaking Planks
Before cooking on an alder plank, the experts here at World Port Seafood recommend soaking it for at least a couple hours. Some moisture in the wood will keep the plank from flaring up or catching fire during cooking - it'll achieve a controlled, smoky, smolder.

Preheat Grill and Planks
Bring your charcoal grill or pre-heat your gas grill to medium-high (350F-400F) and keep the lid closed for 10 minutes to get the grates hot. Place your plank on the hot grill for 5 minutes before you're ready to add your fish to the plank. With a soaked plank, flare-ups are unlikely, but keep a spray bottle of water handy just in case.

Season Your Fish
A wide variety of glazes and seasonings complement the smoky flavor of plank cooking nicely, depending on the fish you're cooking. Season as you would for any other grilling or baking recipe.

Grill and Serve
Add your fish directly to the smoldering plank on the grill. If your fish fillet has the skin on, place the fish on the plank with the fish fillet down - you won't flip or turn fish during the cook. Keep the grill closed to retain heat and smoke as you cook, and follow an approximate cooking chart for the fish you're making. When it gets close, check the temperature using a digital meat thermometer until it's exactly where you want it.

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