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Colossal Scallops

1.5 lb. pkgs.   #2961WPS
Colossal Scallops



Big" isn't big enough. "Huge" isn't huge enough. The only way to describe these scallops is "Colossal." These are the scallops served in big-ticket steakhouses as half of a surf and turf. They're clean, never treated, and presented dry (that means no preservatives), from a family-owned supplier that's MSC certified for sustainability. An elegant and impressive way to serve world-class seafood at home.
  • Clean, raw, never-treated diver scallops
  • No preservatives or flavorings of any kind
  • COLOSSAL size, bigger than any from the store
  • U8 size - that means just 8 scallops per pound


The sweet, juicy meat of a premium scallop is a one-of-a-kind seafood experience. The unbelievable, colossal size of these chef-grade U8 diver scallops is even better. These are positively huge. A high-dollar steakhouse would serve these alongside filet mignon as a surf-and-turf. A seaside seafood place would be proud to show these. And you can have them at your house, 100% guaranteed for freshness and quality.

Our expert World Port Seafood buyers source these Colossal Scallops from a small family-owned supplier that's MSC certified for sustainability and a charter member of the American Scallop Association. They're “dry-packed,” and that's a good thing. Some lower-quality scallops are wet packed, which means they're soaked in sodium phosphates to add weight. Dry-packed scallops like these are exactly as they were plucked out of the ocean. You'll love amazing size of these scallops - they're so big they cook like a filet mignon. Just lightly coat your scallops in olive oil and sear on both sides like a steak- however you serve them they're guaranteed to impress.



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Nutrition & Info


Menu Seafood
Protein Shellfish
Meal Course Appetizers, Entrees, Hors d'Oeuvres
Meal Time Dinner
Preparation Raw
Cooking Method Bake, Broil, Pan Fry
Shellfish Scallops


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