This trio showcases wines that are refreshing, yet slightly sweet, appealing to those who enjoy their wine on the sweeter side. With a bottle each from California, South Africa and Washington State, these wines deliver a variety of styles. Apricot, peach, bergamot, and mint flavors give our Allure A Bubbly Pink Moscato a fresh and lively demeanor. The combination of bubbles and off-dry balance enhance the refreshment enjoyed with each sip. Its cheery nature suggests it is welcome at celebrations and where gatherings might include a variety of dishes. It should be on the table ready to serve throughout the meal, including dessert. Jam Jar Sweet White, a charming, easy-drinking Moscato from South Africa that offers flavors of peach, apricot, lychee, and orange blossom. Lightly sweet with crisp acidity to keep it fresh, this wine is quite versatile. Polka Dot Sweet Riesling, an easy-drinking off-dry wine that exhibits floral aromas and soft flavors of nectarine and pear. Well-balanced, this wine is a suitable pairing for spicy seafood like curry shrimp, spicy tuna rolls, and cajun gumbo.